Case: AWS Summit

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Amazon Web Services

Paris, France. Carrousel du Louvre, 2017

Amazon Web Services wanted to create a high class event at a unique location for a large group of its French customers and prospects.


  • Find a high class location which would be willing to host an IT event
  • Create a wonderful experience within a very short time window
  • Extrapolate the event’s impact through live streaming
  • Get the right number of attendees
  • Attract sponsors[/one_half_last]
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LEF marketing & events created, produced and managed the complete event.


  • Based on the customer’s desires, a series of possible venues were researched, from which the Louvre was chosen
  • A wide series of assets was prepared beforehand, including all design elements.
  • LEF marketing & events approached and contracted all the sponsors.

At the event:

  • LEF marketing & events constructed the complete event: the stage setting, all the branding displays, the lighting and sound, all the video animations, all staff and catering, the branding and promotion displays and booths for both AWS and the sponsors, signage and print materials and more.
  • Soundproof curtains were used to create extra breakout room.
  • To increase the reach and impact of the event, a mini summit was set up in Lyon, where people could attend the presentations via live streaming.
  • The live streaming was also available online.
  • Different lounges, such as a start-up lounge, and rooms were made available for more intimate conversations with different target groups.


  • Create an aftermovie
  • Customized photobooks with event highlights and Infographic[/one_half]
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AWS LEF Marketing & Events

AWS LEF Marketing & Events
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AWS LEF Marketing & Events

AWS LEF Marketing & Events


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Noticeable facts:

  • A total of 147 people were needed to build the complete project in just one day
  • Suppliers from the Netherlands, Belgium and France were required to realize the whole event
  • There was an impressive video wall of 20 by 3 meters
  • The total event’s floor space was 7,100 m²
  • Taking down the complete event infrastructure was done in just 6 hours


The project was delivered in time and on budget.

For LEF marketing & events, this was probably the biggest and one of the most challenging and complex projects we did so far. Mostly due to the combination of the venue’s time limitations and the technical complexity of the streaming.

One attendee named it “the best event in France ever”.

Some statistics:

  • 2500 attendees
  • 30 sponsors
  • 40 speakers
  • Budget neutral through sponsors
  • Total budget was €611K