Case: Gartner CIOxchange

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Gartner LEF Marketing & Events

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Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Milan, Copenhagen, Paris

Gartner wanted to host a special event focused on CIOs, with an extensive registration and CRM system


  • Arrange themed audio-visual setup at venues across Europe
  • Develop extensive registration and CRM system to be used by CIOs, assistants, Gartner staff and LEF m&e
  • Create re-usable materials that can be deployed at multiple events[/one_half_last]
[one_half padding=”0 5px 0 0px”]Approach:
A dedicated 2 person team from LEF marketing & events delivered registration tools, event branding and audio-visual setups, while assisting Gartner with venue management.


  • After the customer decided on the venue, LEF m&e prepared the audio-visual technical setup for keynote room. During the event, we provided technical staff and a showcaller to make sure the keynote presentation ran smoothly.
  • One person from the LEF m&e team remained at the registration desk, not only to assist with CIO check-in, but also provide live results on attendance and deliver e-mail communications on the spot.
  • For the event sponsors booths were created, existing of large branded visuals and furniture.
  • LEF marketing & events managed to get all materials and staff to each of the 5 venues across Europe in time for build-up, event production and dismantling, while keeping costs low.

Noticeable facts:

  • 5 different countries, 5 different venues
  • Dedicated project management team from LEF m&e handling the event
  • Over 250 decision makers within IT industry from medium and large businesses present at the event
  • Unique registration and CRM system that allows Gartner to track interests, client status and relevant staff for each targeted CIO attendee
  • More than 2000 personalized e-mails sent[/one_half]


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Gartner LEF Marketing & Events


Gartner LEF Marketing & Events