Case: Huawei Roadshow

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11 countries, 50 different locations. 2016

Huawei wanted to reach out to its European customers in a unified way. The concept of the roadshow was launched.


    • Reach as many customers as possible in a unified way through a travelling concept
    • Get the permits and practicalities organized for each location
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Huawei Roadshow LEF Marketing & Events

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Huawei Roadshow LEF Marketing & Events

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  • LEF marketing & events designed and organized all logistics of this project.
  • 2 different routes across Europe were drawn.
  • 4 trucks (2 per route) in total were set up and designed by Huawei: the trailers could fold open, thus creating a demo centre and the ‘living room of the future’.
  • All practicalities were managed by LEF marketing & events: local permits, current and power generators, goodies, tents, nearby meeting rooms, hotel accommodation for the drivers, local hosts and staff, and more.
  • Annual target number of attendees (10.000) was reached during the project’s first six months.
  • Noticeable fact: 2 people from LEF marketing & events were full time employed on this project to get everything organized.


  • 50 different locations across 11 countries were visited.
  • Hundreds of customers and prospects across Europe visited the trucks.