LEF marketing & events is a full service event agency
dedicated to the IT industry.

Diversity of services
Whether hosting an internal event for 15 people or holding an international congress at a premium venue for 10,000 people: we take care of it for you.

LEF marketing & Events Aardenburg Zeeland

LEF Marketing & Events, Aardenburg Zeeland

Full service offering
Stop worrying about organizing your next event. Let us take care of everything: from sending out invitations to signing up high profile sponsors.

IT focus
We only work for IT companies. We understand your market and your challenges.

Lef Marketing & events IT Focus

LEF Marketing & Events Aardenburg Zeeland

Progress and costs are documented all along the way, enabling you to have a clear view of where we stand at any one time.


AWS LEF Marketing & Events

AWS Summit Paris & EMEA

Customer: Amazon Web Services

Location: Paris, France. The Louvre Museum, 2017

Situation: Amazon Web Services wanted to create a high class event at a unique location for a large group of its French customers and prospects.


  • Find a high class location which would be willing to host an IT event
  • Create a wonderful experience within a very short time window
  • Extrapolate the event’s impact through live streaming
  • Get the right number of attendees

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Gartner CIOxchange

Customer: Gartner

Location: Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Milan, Copenhagen, Paris

Situation: Gartner wanted to host a special event focused on CIOs, with an extensive registration and CRM system.


  • Arrange themed audio-visual setup at venues across Europe
  • Develop extensive registration and CRM system
  • Create re-usable materials that can be deployed at multiple events

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Gartner LEF Marketing & Events

BARCO ISE LEF Marketing & Events

Barco ISE 2016

Customer: Barco

Location: RAI Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2016

Situation: Barco signed up for Integrated Systems Europe 2016, the largest AV systems integration show in the world. This four-day event happens at Amsterdam RAI and welcomes 65,000+ attendees and 1,100+ exhibitors.


  • Create a noticeable presence for Barco at the event
  • Develop a concept that invites people to come onto the stand
  • Make Barco stand out

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Huawei Roadshow

Customer: Huawei

Location: 11 countries, 50 different locations.

Situation: Huawei wanted to reach out to its European customers in a unified way. The concept of the roadshow was launched.


  • Reach as many customers as possible while travelling Europe
  • Get the permits and practicalities organized for each location

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Huawei Roadshow LEF Marketing & Events


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